We have control over our future more than we realize. Are you taking authority over your needs, desires, wishes, hopes, and dreams? You are the master simply by being you! Your reaction to all situations determines the outcome. Taking authority doesn't necessarily mean having control all the time. It can mean taking leadership and focusing on what you want - not allowing anyone or anything to dictate who you are! 

Have you ever had an instance where you are feeling great-full of joy and hopes, and you express those feelings? It can be about life in general, a project, your job, or a particular situation. You have realized the power of your words and the effect they have on your life and the vibrations it creates. Then comes the person or persons who try to shoot you down and take away every single ounce of joy and happiness within you. Here's the trick:  For every negative thing a person says, you can re-instate it with a positive reply. For example: "That will never work out to your situation. You know the results." You can say: "It doesn't hurt to try. Things don't always remain the same. I am positive that there is some good to come out of this". Get it? You have just re-instated your words and thoughts.  Obviously, it's always good to stay away from the naysayers, but what if you can't do that all the time? You have to arm yourself and infuse your soul and spirit with positive light and affirmations. You can use this gift to yourself at any given time. Even when you speak negative to yourself, you can re-instate your positive thoughts and intentions by simply saying out loud, the complete opposite in a positive manner. 

Remember, our words have a huge impact on our lives and the lives of others. 

Many blessings.