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Hello Happiness!

By Yvette Louis

I have my days when the sun isn't shining as brightly as I'd wish to. I roll out of bed, grumbling with yesterday's problems in the forefront of my mind and feeling as if they are not going away. The first thing I do like to do is go into my kitchen, select a vue cup for my Keurig machine and brew the strongest, hottest cup of coffee ever. I take my muli-vitamin, do the usual morning routine and head off to the gym.

After my work out, I feel as if I've worked out all the kinks from yesterday, as well as today's. My energy level is up and I'm feeling as if everything is going to be ok.  Don't get me wrong, my mornings don't always start off with my grumbles and problems at the forefront of my mind. Matter of fact, it's not very often but I do have them. Most people who know me personally would say I'm a happy person, always positive and encouraging. Well let me just say to you; I laugh a lot of things off and have programmed myself to automatically reverse my thinking when I notice my mind needs reprogramming. 

Is that you? What I've come to understand is, I am control of my happiness. So are YOU. Our thoughts resonate into our daily lives. When doubt enters your mind, even if you don't feel it, try reversing those thoughts by saying out loud for example. "I am grateful for (the problem) being resolved." or, you can simply say, (as I do) "Thank you (God, or whomever your Higher Power is) for resolving (the problem)."  

Every single time I've said "Thank you" I believe that the situation has already corrected itself, resolved or turned around for the best. It's the power of belief. Believing in your words and having faith in what you speak will manifest into your daily life. Attitude is everything.  Let's take a look at attitudes.  How is your daily attitude towards life? It's no secret that optimistic people tend to live a happier life. 

There are certain types of optimism and pleasantly odd ways of thinking that brings success, health, happiness, etc.  Take a look at the benefits of optimism here.

Do you have an "Internal Locus of Control"? Internal Locus of Control simply refers to whether you feel your life is controlled by you or by forces outside yourself. Those with an internal locus of control feel that they have a choice in their lives and control over their circumstances

Ultimately, happiness begins from within. Having all the material goods in the world will not bring you happiness. Daily prayer, meditations and positive affirmations greatly increases your joy, among other things. With that being said, check out my positive affirmations list on my site.

Many blessings!