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The Power of Journaling

I'd just recently posted some fun facts on the power of writing in your journal on my Facebook page.

The power of writing in a journal. It's just that simple. There is a power within you, for you, and in your journal each and every time you pick up your pen to write.  

I've journaled since I was at least 11 years old. I used to curl up in my favorite chair with my blanket and pour my heart and soul into each pen stroke. I felt better each and every time. It was like my own personal confidante.  Someone who didn't need to say a word of approval or disapproval. Just silently be, while I scribbled my thoughts, dreams, aspirations, pains, anxieties, hopes, and sadness into it.

As I grew older, I would look back and grab my old journals and read them. It was easy to see how things changed with me. Out of my memories came profound lessons coupled with healing. It allowed me to see who I was then and what I had become, now. It brought me clarity and thoughts after the fact that helped me piece the puzzles together.

Writing in a journal is not only therapeutic, but it brings profound awareness. It also helps you reach your goals. What you have failed to see in front of you in plain daylight magically appears on the pages you spill your thoughts on.  When looking for answers to your questions and/or issues, the answers are easily there within you. As my slogan says, 'To Find the Answers Within You' really rings true. I wholeheartedly encourage and mandate (yes, mandate!) that my coaching clients journal every day. The success rate is miraculous. Try it. You'd be surprised at how much power you find within yourself!