what does shadow work mean?

Finding your shadow(s) is a way to explore your inner landscape and discover the gold that is hiding inside.  It is a way to become more of who we really are by facing hurt, fear, anger, etc. and learn how to live more fully by consciously working with ourselves to release our self-limiting beliefs.  Most of all, it is a way to love ourselves and respect our journeys from the past, whether we have chosen them or not.  The term "shadow" was first used by Carl G. Jung to describe the repressed or denied part of the Self. Your shadow consists of finding the resistant vibrations that are present within you. Your thoughts and core beliefs are what is creating your vibrations. You can identify your shadows by looking at what you project onto others. What do you find distasteful, disgusting, or despicable in others? Shadow Work Life Coaching can help you to realize that your emotion-based judgments are always shadowed projections and are, therefore, rooted in unresolved trauma and/or aspects of yourself you have suppressed.

Together, we can work to uncover the "root" of your shadow by working with your inner child thus, allowing your to heal with self-love, affirmation, and various modes of healing.

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