Reiki Healings

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What is Reiki? 

Reiki is an amazing, powerful, spiritual healing energy with its roots in Japanese origin.

Reiki is the beautiful life energy that flows through all living things. It is believed that a person’s ki or energy should be strong and free-flowing. When this is the case a person is physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced and their body and mind are in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance.

Receiving Reiki healing is a deeply relaxing and peaceful experience, which will leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated. Reiki energy encourages one to let go of all stress, tension, anxiety, fear and negative emotions to reach a state of health, peace and well-being.

Receive a Reiki infused candle specially prepared by me with essential oils, herbs, and personalized intentions crafted just for you.  

Your Reiki session will also include sounds of a real Tibetan singing bowl, aromatherapy, along with the use of crystals.

Reiki works on all four levels of our being:

  • Mental

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions

This is a gift that shall not be kept to myself, yet I remain humble and grateful. Between the ages of 4 and 5, I knew I had something special. Many mornings, I'd wake up running to my mother with visions and voices I've heard, only to see her many times hold my face in awe or cry tears of joy because what I had spoken were words of truth and clarity. Straight out of the mouth of a babe. As I grew older, I began to accept the visions, the voices, and the downloads that I often received growing up.  My connection with both my ancestors and spirit guides have allowed me the advantage of truth along with many other things. As a young adult, I discovered that I had the gift of healing. Many times my mother would ask me to lay hands on her and pray. In awe, many times positive results manifested.

During my intuitive sessions, I connect with each individual quite differently and I tune in in order to receive the message spirit gives me. Sometimes I utilize a deck of cards for a visual guidance while other times, I simply tune in. When we begin your reiki healing session I will also be able to receive divine guidance and key information. No one intuitive reiki session is the same, so its important to come with no particular expectation, as I am given direction during your session. 

We will first start off with a 15 minute intuitive reading session and followed by a 60 minute reiki healing session. Each session includes a personalized reiki chakra candle.

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