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I have been going through some emotional times because it was the anniversary of my mother’s passing and because of stress at work. I went to Yvette for Reiki to see if she could help me feel better about my situation. She was very sweet and created an amazingly relaxing environment for me. Her session was about an hour long and it was so calming I actually fell asleep. The hour went by so fast that I was sad it was over. Afterwards I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my heart. Even now that it’s been a few days I am still feeling better. I would recommend her any day. She is the real deal.
— Kathy Banegas
I worked with Yvette for almost six months to achieve my goals on many fronts. I can say without a doubt, that today I am a different person than I was when I began working with her...Yvette gave me the support I needed to move past my creative blocks and cultivate the life I imagined. I feel strongly that Yvette possesses incredible gifts that make her not only an effective and empathetic coach but also a spiritual advisor who can aid people in tapping into the magical potential within all of us. I am forever grateful for her support, her ear, her vision, her faith, and her love!
— Dr. Christian Bracho
Yvette you are a wonderful life coach and advisor. Your gift is amazing. Your words of wisdom and advice is truly god sent. Thank you so much for all of your help!
— Ana B.
Yvette has helped me through several big decisions lately. She always knows how to guide me in the right direction based on my current situation, my goals for the future and how I feel. She keeps me grounded with a reality check by providing insightful, kind, caring advice and always with a warm heart. A true professional you can count on when you need guidance, direction and peace of mind. Give her a call!
— Ruby S.
Most coaches go by a strict rule of how they would like their coaching relationships to go, but Yvette knows that the “one size fits all doesn’t work. She has helped me with procrastination, gain insight, as well as help me realize the blocks to my goals. She is friendly, very attentive, understanding, and she really does care about your well-being. If you want a coach to help you get it done and keeps you on your toes, all the while encouraging you, then she is your best bet!
— Denise. R
I respect her advice and can truly say that she is gifted to help others like myself! She is so inspirational and assertive! Very patient and truly gifted. I am blessed to have been counseled by her and recommend her highly to the world! I’ve been soo bless with her advice and am looking foreward to a brighter future...I can see clearer now that I have met her! Thank you, Yvette!
— Claudia Vargas